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Our Mission
Our Mission
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Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

To foster the worth and dignity  of people by promoting social justice and community service.   

Our Mission
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Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN) is a state-wide network of Unitarian Universalists and our allies who work together for progressive change.

               What You Can Do to Take On 
               Hate and Islamophobia 

In 2010, 43% of Americans had positive attitudes toward Arab Americans, but in 20145, this declined to 32%.  Since 9/11, there has been a 1600% increase in hate crimes toward Arab-Americans and Muslims.  Unfortunately, presidential politicians are seeking votes by playing to the public's fears and hates by suggesting that Muslims are terrorists whose mosques can be closed; who must be recorded on lists and banned from entering our country. How shameful!  What can you do?

1. Send letters to the editor that oppose the oppression of Muslims.
2. Join a group called Take on Hate.  MUUSJN joined.  Click HERE so your faith or community group can join as well. The groups lists actions you can take.
3. Consider having a speaker on the Musllim faith or organize a group of people to visit a mosque.

About UU State Advocacy Networks in 20 OTHER States?
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Randy Block is on the Executive Committee of the Coalition of UU State Action Networks (CUUSAN)

This video tells the UU State Action Networks Story
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                Gov. Rick Snyder
                   Signs S. 13  

On 1/5/15, Gov. Snyder signed S. 13, a bill that will eliminate straight ticket voting, create longer lines at the polls and disenfranchise people of color.  MUUSJN opposed this bill! 

CALL: 517-373-3400

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Resources for LGBTQ Activists!
January 1, 2016 was the beginning of MUUSJN's new membership year.  It's an excellent time to renew or (start your first) membership in our dynamic justice network. 

Memberships and/or gifts from individuals and congregations are urgently needed to sustain our work to empower UUs and our progressive allies from many faith groups to make sure their voices are heard when we stand up for LGBTQ rights, reproductive justice, low-income families, racial justice, prison reform, gun violence prevention and more!  

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Jennifer Teed, Justice Projects Coordinator