MUUSJN Accomplishments
December 2002
Volunteer activists from nine southeast Michigan UU churches first met as a social justice network.

The Network polled Southeast Michigan UU's on their justice issues, agreed on a mission and held a workshop on civil liberties. It responded to issues.    

From 2004 - 2005
The Network organized workshops on voter registration, the environment and Networking for justice at Heartland UU District annual meetings.  We organized a petition drive to help defeat anti-gay marriage legislation and issued e-mail justice action alerts, e.g., Darfur & Katrina. 

In 2005
The UUSC made a five year financial commitment to build and expand our Network statewide. MUUSJN surveyed Michigan UU's to learn their top justice issues; recruited members; created a website; published a monthly e-newsletter. 

We participated in successful campaigns to raise Michigan's minimum wage and to protect its water.  We organized a conference and established task forces on Universal Health Care, Poverty, Environment and Affirmative Action. 

2007 - 2010
Campaigned to raise revenues to balance State budgets and successfully advocated for expanded federal child care funding. In coalition, we worked for passage of national health care for all in 2010. We continue to educate the public about the provisions of the new law and advocate for health reforms at the State level.  The network organized statewide justice conferences and, in partnership with community organizations, advocated for prison and environmental reform, justice in the Middle East and LGBT rights. 

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Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network
Networking for Justice and Community Service
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Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

To foster the worth and dignity 
of people by promoting social justice and community service.   

Our Mission
Michigan Unitarian Universalist
Social Justice Network
Networking for Justice and Community Service


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