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MUUSJN Interfaith LGBTQ Toolkit
           Most comprehensive LGBTQ guide in Michigan!  
LOTS of links to welcoming,
services, and advocacy for faith groups.
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           PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS: Equality Michigan; Michigan Roundtable for Diversity 
          and Inclusion; KICK; and Inclusive Justice

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Build Community- Build a community of justice advocates who work together to make and implement Network decisions. 
Build Power - Expand our Network's power, by expanding its membership, resources, training, technology and organizational partnerships, to influence elected officials. 

Make Change - Help make progressive policy changes in Michigan while also responding to justice issues outside our State. 
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission
Kate Warner
Pat Hammer


Randy Block, Director
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

To foster the worth and dignity  of people by promoting social justice and community service.   

Our Mission
Jeannie Miernik
Network Coordinator
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Michigan Unitarian Universalist
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.Who We Are: 
Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN) is a state-wide network of Unitarian Universalists and our allies who work together for progressive change.

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Get ready to gather on the day the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issues its rulings on marriage equality in Michigan.  Click HERE to sign up to  be the first to know about this important ruling. Click HERE to sign up for gatherings to mark this historic occasion.
 INTERFAITH VIGIL for young refugees in Vassar, MI on 7/31 draws 250 people taking a stand for compassion. 

(L-R) Jim Lewis, Birmingham Unitarian Church (BUC), Randy Block, Annis Pratt (BUC); and Dr. Paul von Oeyen (Congregational Church United Church of Christ of Birmingham). 

Click HERE to read Michigan Public Radio article about this event. 

MUUSJN has been working with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) and the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization on a water as a human right campaign to restore water to low-income Detroit families and to establish a just system to provide affordable water.  On July 24th, MUUSJN joined the UUSC in delivering to the Mayor (through the Detroit City Council), the Emergency Manager and the Director of the DWSD over 6,000 signatures on a UU petition calling for a moratorium of shutoffs and the adoption of a water affordability plan. With pressure from many organizations, the Emergency Manager turned over management of the DWSD to Mayor Mike Duggan who extended a moratorium on shutoffs and presented a less than ideal "10 Point Plan" for paying water bills that doesn't assure the peoples' right to affordable water. We will continue work for justice.
Escalating Inequality -  Raising The Minimum Wage Is Not Enough

Friday, October 24th, 7 - 8:30 p.m.

Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington
25301 Halsted Road, Farmington Hills, MI

Peter Ruark, Senior Policy Analyst, Michigan League for Public Policy
Danielle Atkinson, Director, Mothering Justice

​Michigan's new minimum wage increase - UUA's Study/Action 
guide for "Escalating Inequality" -  Wage inequality in Michigan -
and a New Michigan campaign for paid sick leave

REGISTER HERE: www.uujustice.org/conferenceregistration2.html