Covenant to Provide Same Sex Weddings
My sacred calling to ministry requires that I minister to, and honor, all people including same gender-loving people.  
It is a calling which I continue to honor with commitments to community, to justice and to the holy power of love.

    I,                                                               a clergy serving the 

    congregation located at                                         
                                             (street address)                                                           (city)                                                         (zip)

    Do agree to provide a wedding to a same sex couple who has chosen to make a commitment to one another      through the solemn and celebratory rites of a marriage ceremony.  I agree to offer this wedding service to one or more couple, in a timely way, promptly after a federal court ruling challenges Michigan's constitutional prohibition of marriage of same sex couples.  I will officiate such services either at my congregation or at a location of the couple's choosing.  It is my understanding that the times of this service will need to be mutually agreeable to both myself and the couple.

I understand that my covenant and contact information will be posted to an on-line registry of Equality Michigan and/or Inclusive Justice so that couples can contact clergy about performing a same sex wedding.

Contact me by phone at:                                         or email: 

My address:  
                            Street Address                           City                                State                               Zip Code 

These forms need to be RECEIVED BY September 13, 2013 so information can be made available before October
1, 2013. Federal Judge Bernard Friedman is scheduled to hold a hearing that day on the case of Jayne and April
DeBoer-Rowse, who are challenging Michigan's constitutional ban on same sex marriage.  According to an    attorney for the plaintiffs, same sex marriages will be considered to be legal if Judge Friedman does not "stay" a ruling against their prohibition in the Michigan constitution.  

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To foster the worth and dignity 
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